Why Go Organic?

Why Buy Organic?

Why should you buy organic, natural skin care products?  The very simplest reason is this: it is safe.  Organic products that have been certified to food grade standards are in fact so safe that you can eat them.  Don’t believe me?  Watch me do it.

 Why go all natural and organic for your skin care?  Here are five really excellent reasons.


1. Good for the soil.

  • One major problem with modern, industrialized farming practices is that, after a number of years of increasing nutrient depletion of the soil, they can leave large tracks of land barren.
  • Organic farming, in contrast, uses traditional methods of crop rotations as well as a modern and scientific understanding of ecology and soil science to ensure fertility of the soil and weed and pest control without the use of synthetic pesticides.


2. Good for the environment.

  • Organic farming aims to reduce dependence on non-renewable resources and aims at all times towards sustainability, which includes having the best management of the environment and wildlife as a priority.

3.  Good for your health.

  • Cases of cancer, asthma, autism, learning disabilities, and infertility have all been rising in Canada, the United States, and other developed countries worldwide. Scientific studies have increasingly been showing that toxic chemicals are contributing to these and other chronic diseases and health problems. Replacing toxic chemicals with safer alternatives can reduce the number of people who develop these diseases.
  • In North America, regulation standards for skin care, shower, and cosmetic products are extremely lax.  Instead of requiring proof of product safety before skin care products are produced and distributed, ingredients in these products can be used in a product until they are proven unsafe. This means that approximately 50 ingredients are banned in our cosmetic products in North America.  Compare this to the European Union that has banned over 1,100.  What is the easiest way to eliminate these synthetic chemical nasties from your skin care routine?  Go all-natural and certified organic.

4. No synthetic chemicals.

  • By going all-natural and organic, you can safely and easily eliminate harmful synthetic chemicals like parabens, phthalates, SLS, nitrosamines, and more with little research and effort on your part.  This is because there will be NO synthetic chemicals in your products.

5. No GMOs.

  • Certified organic products are produced without GMOs, as they are prohibited in organic farming standards.

What makes Miessence different?
Certified organic, no synthetic chemicals.

If you want to know what makes Miessence different, check out this short video.  Hint: certified organic = you can eat it!

Australian-Certified-Organic-Logo        bfa

Why is “Certified Organic” Important?

The only way to ensure that the products that you are using are genuine organic products, free from synthetic chemicals and GMOs, is to purchase products that have been certified by a leading independent body such as  ACO (Australian Certified Organic), BFA (Biological Farmers of Australia), IFOAM (International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements), and the USDA (US Department of Agriculture).  Miessence complies to the standards of each of these regulating bodies, so you can rest assured that the products you are using are certified organic to food grade standards (i.e. you can eat them!).

USDA certified organic skin care

What you get with Miessence

  • Vegan friendly: the only animal product used is sustainably harvested beeswax in 6 products.  See more about the beeswax here.  Everything else is vegan!
  • ACO and USDA certified organic ingredients;
  • Cruelty free;
  • Fair trade;
  • The benefits of Aloe Vera leaf juice to sooth irritated skin and redness;
  • Lemon peel oil feeds the skin with vitamin C and boosts collagen production;
  • Skin care, shower products, household cleaning, and superfoods: organically supercharge your whole house!

What you WON’T get with Miessence

  • “Recycled” Animal Products: Google “rendering”. I dare you.
  • Benzoyl Peroxide: A chemical that drys out the skin, stripping away the good oils
  • Sodium Lauryl Sulfate: Another toxic chemical found in most skin and body care products, also used in engine de-greasers and industrial strength detergents
  • Parabens: Synthetic preservatives and known endocrine disruptors
  • Nitrosamines: Identified as one of the most potent classes of carcinogens, having caused cancer in more than 40 different animal species as well as in humans.
  • Synthetic Coloring & Pigments: Most of which are a tar & lead based and very carcinogenic
  • Propylene Glycol: A petroleum biproduct, also used as an industrial anti freeze
  • Phthalates: Another synthetic chemical used in plastics to house hold & personal care products. Another known endocrine disruptor that has been banned in Europe but not the US & Canada.
  • 1,4-dioxane: A by-product of a chemical process known as ethoxylation.  Considered a probable human carcinogen, suspected to cause cancer or birth defects, suspected kidney toxicant, neurotoxicant, and respiratory toxicant.
  • Triclosan: A Synthetic anti bacterial compound the EPA classifies as a pesticide


Ditch the Chemicals

Most products that you buy in the supermarket or the pharmacy are in fact very loosely regulated.  In North America 90% of ingredients in your personal-care products have never been tested for safety by anyone

Parabens, phthalates, formaldehyde-donating ingredients, animal by-products, artificial colours and fragrances, and other known and potential toxins may be in the products that you use everyday.

See what happens when you eat only organic food for 2 weeks.

Then consider that what you put on your skin gets absorbed into your bloodstream faster than what you eat.

USDA certified organic skin care