February 22, 2017

Best All Natural All Purpose Cleaner: Certified Organic Probiotics Plus Some DIY Options

lemon used in all natural all purpose cleaner

Have you ever head those stories of children who end up in the hospital because they got into the kitchen (or bathroom, or window, etc., etc.) cleaner?  Yikes!

The best way to avoid having noxious chemicals in your house is to switch out your traditional products for certified organic, all natural products.  

Hence the all natural all purpose cleaner: no noxious chemicals, no worries about your kids or your pets licking the floor, and no worries about breathing in things that might be endocrine disruptors.​

If you are going to switch to an all natural all purpose cleaner, you can go the DIY route (see the best recipes below) or you can buy a certified organic probiotic cleaner (no noxious chemicals and it literally eats the germs - super cool or what?)

all natural all purpose cleaner

This is my absolute FAVE all natural all purpose cleaner line: certified organic and totally awesome.

Best All Natural All Purpose Cleaner Recipes

Some things to keep in mind when trying to find the best all natural all purpose cleaner recipe....

  • How does it smell?  You want something that will make your house smell lovely.  I've found that some vinegar cleaners don't do that.  It takes some experimentation to find one that you love.
  • Does it clog up the bottle?  The first time I made a baking soda cleaner, I didn't dissolve the baking soda in warm water first, and it crystallised in the squirter and made the bottle (and the cleaner) kind of useless.
  • How antibacterial is it?  You want something that kills germs.  A good probiotic cleaner will do that marvelously, or make sure that you are using antibacterial essential oils in all DIY all natural all purpose cleaner recipe that you use.

All Natural All Purpose Cleaner Recipe #1: Vinegar + Essential Oils

  • Mix straight white vinegar with water (1/2 and 1/2)
  • 10 drops eucalyptus essential oil
  • 10 drops lemon essential oil in a spray bottle.
  • optional: add some fresh lemon juice

This one is best stored in the fridge, especially if you use fresh lemon juice.

All Natural All Purpose Cleaner Recipe #2: Castile Soap + Essential Oils

  • Add 2 cups distilled water
  • 1/4 cup (or less, if you want it less 'soapy') castile soap
  • 15 - 20 drops of essential oil (try peppermint + orange or choose from the list of antibacterial essential oils below)

Remember when cleaning with castile soap (or any other DIY natural all purpose cleaner, for that matter) to wipe with a DAMP cloth. Otherwise, you'll leave a soapy residue.

All Natural All Purpose Cleaner Recipe #3: Hydrogen Peroxide + Essential Oils

  • Mix 1 part hydrogen peroxide
  • 2 parts water
  • add fresh lemon juice or 15-20 drops of essential oils

Store this one in a cool, dry place. (Note: while hydrogen peroxide is not poisonous when swallowed, it is still not as child-friendly as cleaner #1 and #2.)

Best Antibacterial Essential Oils for All Natural All Purpose Cleaners

  • orange
  • lemongrass
  • peppermint​
  • eucalyptus

It's worth noting that any product made with water runs the risks of growing bacterial.  The best way to avoid this is to store your cleaner in the fridge and/or make a fresh batch monthly (or more frequently).

You should also store your DIY all natural all purpose cleaner in a glass (or aluminum) spray bottle, as essential oils tend to leach chemicals from plastic.

All Natural All Purpose Cleaner: How to Buy A Winner

Not into DIY?

Try this certified organic, probiotic all purpose cleaner.  (Hint: probiotic means it literally eats the germs.  Pretty cool.)

All natural.  No noxious chemicals.  Certified organic.  And smells like vanilla.

organic all natural all purpose cleaner


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