Best Natural Organic Deodorant | Which One Passes the Sniff Test?

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Searching for the best natural organic deodorant can be a bit of a daunting task.

There are a lot of options out there.  A lot of natural deodorants (though many of them aren't exactly - or at all - organic).  

But not all of them work.

I've had an especially hard time finding a natural organic deodorant that actually kills bacteria and keep me smelling like flowers (instead of body odor) and not sweating like crazy throughout the day.​

So in an effort to find the best natural organic deodorant, I tried out two of my top contenders and put them to the "sniff test".  

You can watch the video below to see the results 6 hours out and 9 hours out.​

Why Use Organic Aluminum Free Deodorant?

First a few words about organic and aluminum free.

An aluminum free deodorant is far better than any antiperspirant out there.

The reason for that is that aluminum actually blocks your pores and tries to keep your body from sweating.  Hence the term "antiperspirant".  

Antipersipirant doesn't actually work, though.  When your pores are all plugged up, your body actually works even harder and tries to sweat.  (That's why switching to a natural organic deodorant might actually make you sweat less.)

And when your pores are blocked and you can't sweat, all that junk that your body is trying to get rid of stays inside.  Yuck!  Right?

And a word on organic: using a deodorant that is certified organic means that there will be less (and in the case of the best organic companies there will be no) junk like parabens, artificial fragrance, PEG compounds, or other potential toxins or irritants in your deodorant.

If you want to learn more about the top 12 ingredients to avoid in skin care products (that includes deodorant), then check out this post here.

To see which of my top two best natural organic deodorant choices totally blew past the competition, watch the video below.

Best Natural Organic Deodorant: The Champion

Miessence outperformed Green Beaver by far.

While I did like the smell of the Green Beaver deodorant, it only lasted about 6 hours until I would need to reapply.  And by 9 hours, the Green Beaver armpit was pretty stinky.

That means that Green Beaver wouldn't stand up to a whole day of work, or chasing your kids around the house, or going out in public where you don't want to be smelly...

Miessence, on the other hand, actually lasted a whopping 12 hours (longer than this video).

Why was Miessence's tahitian breeze deodorant the best natural organic deodorant?

The first two ingredients in Miessence's deodorant are aloe and baking soda, two natural antibacterial agents.  Miessence is 100% active ingredients.

Miessence wins best natural organic deodorant test

Green Beaver had a lot of kind of useless fillers.  And no baking soda.

So the verdict on the best natural organic deodorant test: Miessence was the hands down winner.  And in fact, I've tried a whole lot of different natural deodorants in the past and none of them come close to beating this one.​

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