Ingredients in Skin Care Products to Avoid

woman with a clay mask depicting ingredients in skin care products to avoid

​Have you ever flipped over the back of your moisturiser or your shampoo bottle and wondered what the heck all those ingredients are?  Are they safe?  Which ones are natural?  And what does it matter?As it turns out, most countries have incredibly lax standards when it comes to personal care products.  That’s why we need […]

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High Protein Chocolate Chip Cookies (The Kids’ll Never Know)

high protein chocolate chip cookies

Just the other day I made some high protein chocolate chip cookies, and snuck in some Berry Radical antioxidant powder, in an attempt to make the kids (and the hubby) just a smidge healthier.High Protein Chocolate Chip Cookies: Vegan Oatmeal Version4 scoops Miessence complete protein powder (raw, vegan, complete amino acid profile, no added sugar […]

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March 10, 2017

Organic Skin Care Canada

woman in a field with flowers

As a Canadian, it’s not always easy to find organic skin care brands.In fact, if you’re looking for organic skin care in Canada, the vast majority of your choices are shipped in from elsewhere.  (See below for a list.  It’s short.)But before we talk about Canadian organic skin care brands, let’s talk about organic skin […]

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Organic Makeup MLM Companies

makeup brushes

Best Organic Makeup MLM CompaniesIf you’re looking for the best organic makeup MLM companies, there are really only a few to choose from.Why’s that?While organics is a growing niche, most makeup companies out there are not truly (or not even remotely) organic…yet.  (And most of the ones that are are not network marketing.)The fact is […]

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