June 26, 2016

Miessence Organics

miessence organics: certified organic cosmetics range

It didn’t take us long to transition from the “natural” (greenwashed) brands to a USDA certified organic brand once we started using true organic products.

One of things that I was most impressed with in regards to Miessence products is that they are all certified organic to cosmetic standards, and many of them are certified organic to food grade standards.

That means that they are so safe that you can eat them.

And really, why would we want to put something on our skin that we wouldn’t put in our mouths? Our skin is not an absolute barrier. What we put on our skin gets absorbed directly into our bloodstream, bypassing all of the organs that do the normal detoxifying for us.

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Are Your Potatoes Making You Sick? Some Not-So-Surprising Facts About Glycophosate

root vegetables

There has been a lot of controversy around the herbicide Round Up lately.  Glycophosate, the primary ingredient in Round Up, is labelled by the IARC as a “probable carcinogen” (i.e. likely causes cancer), but the USDA and Health Canada insist that we are not exposed to high enough levels of glycophosate to be in danger. […]

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Miessence Deodorant Review | No Parabens, No Aluminum, No Sweaty Armpits

woman with hands up in front of face

Growing up, I was the kid who sweat ALL the time. I took to wearing sweat proof colours in the winter and sleeveless shirts and dresses in the summer. So I get it. I know all about different kinds of deodorant and how well they do (or don’t) work. And let me tell you, Miessence is my #1 fave. No parabens, no aluminum, no sweaty armpits.

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Miessence Shampoo Review: How Long Does One Bottle Really Last?

pretty young girl in sunlight

I switched to Miessence shampoo and conditioner about a year ago and let me tell you, my hair couldn’t be happier. That’s why I’m doing this Miessence shampoo review now, to answer the “how long will 1 bottle last”, “how much will it cost”, and “what are the benefits” questions.

(P.S. Major health benefit: no parabens, no SLS, no synthetic dyes, fragrances, or preservatives getting into my bloodstream.)

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