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Ingredients in Skin Care Products to Avoid

woman with a clay mask depicting ingredients in skin care products to avoid

​Have you ever flipped over the back of your moisturiser or your shampoo bottle and wondered what the heck all those ingredients are?  Are they safe?  Which ones are natural?  And what does it matter?As it turns out, most countries have incredibly lax standards when it comes to personal care products.  That’s why we need […]

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5 Types of Food to Eat Daily: How to Detox Every Day with Food

Every day your body is exposed to hundreds of toxins in your food, in your personal care products, and in your environment.These can range from heavy metals to persistent organic pollutants (POPs), hormone-disrupting chemicals in cosmetics to industrial toxins and pollution.Scientists are becoming increasingly concerned over the long-term effects of our exposure to thousands of different […]

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How to Avoid Endocrine Disruptors: 15 Simple Ways to Detoxify Your Hormones

woman in a field of flowers

With the increase of synthetic chemicals being used in industrialised farming and the manufacture of everything from couches to all purpose kitchen cleaners to body wash, we are being exposed to more and more potential toxins. Learning how to avoid endocrine disruptors in everyday products can help you significantly detoxify your body and your home.

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Are Your Potatoes Making You Sick? Some Not-So-Surprising Facts About Glycophosate

root vegetables

There has been a lot of controversy around the herbicide Round Up lately.  Glycophosate, the primary ingredient in Round Up, is labelled by the IARC as a “probable carcinogen” (i.e. likely causes cancer), but the USDA and Health Canada insist that we are not exposed to high enough levels of glycophosate to be in danger. […]

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