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High Protein Chocolate Chip Cookies (The Kids’ll Never Know)

high protein chocolate chip cookies

Just the other day I made some high protein chocolate chip cookies, and snuck in some Berry Radical antioxidant powder, in an attempt to make the kids (and the hubby) just a smidge healthier.High Protein Chocolate Chip Cookies: Vegan Oatmeal Version4 scoops Miessence complete protein powder (raw, vegan, complete amino acid profile, no added sugar […]

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5 Types of Food to Eat Daily: How to Detox Every Day with Food

Every day your body is exposed to hundreds of toxins in your food, in your personal care products, and in your environment.These can range from heavy metals to persistent organic pollutants (POPs), hormone-disrupting chemicals in cosmetics to industrial toxins and pollution.Scientists are becoming increasingly concerned over the long-term effects of our exposure to thousands of different […]

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