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Health Benefits of Raw Cacao

health benefits of raw cacao

As my lovely readers out there in the land of the internet may or may not know, chocolate is actually good for you! What’s that? Yes. Chocolate is actually good for you!

However, the healthy form of chocolate is not the kind that you buy at the grocery store in the form of milk chocolate bars, or even dark chocolate bars (though dark chocolate is better nutritionally than milk chocolate). It is the raw cacao that is used to make the chocolate that we are familiar with that has amazing health benefits.

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How Clean is Your Beauty Regime?

harmful makeup ingredients

The more we know about the chemicals and additives in our products, the more we seem to gravitate towards healthier alternatives. I love to eat raw, organic food whenever possible, and I love to get outdoors and work my body. I know that these habits will lead to a longer, healthier, life. What I hadn’t considered until recently however, was the chemicals and additives in my shower products and my beauty regime.

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September 4, 2015

Food Box Subscriptions: A Little Bit of Happiness Delivered Monthly

monthly food box subscriptions

Monthly food box subscriptions are little miracles delivered to your door every month. I love the healthy, organic ones because they give me and my family easy snacks on the go. I first started with UrthBox in order to have some healthy snacks handy (instead of the chips and granola bars and empty calories that you find at the grocery store).

Today I’d like to highlight an emerging company, New Leaf Delivery.

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Low Calorie Chocolate Smoothie Recipes

low calorie chocolate smoothie recipes

So many chocolate protein powders and smoothies that you buy at smoothie shops are packed with added sugar. While this makes your smoothie sweet and tasty, it also spikes and then crashes your blood sugar, leading to fatigue and unnecessary weight gain. You can make delicious smoothies at home using these low calories chocolate smoothie recipes that will satisfy your sweet tooth, stabilize your blood sugar, and give you long lasting energy.

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