Miessence Deodorant Review | No Parabens, No Aluminum, No Sweaty Armpits

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Let me tell you a bit of a story about my deodorant troubles.

Ever since I was a kid, I was excessively sweaty.  I know, gross, right?  Who likes to be sweaty?  Nobody.  Ever.  Anywhere.  Except maybe in hot yoga.  But it’s totally acceptable there.  Helps with detox and cleansing, etc., etc.  But when we’re out on the street, we don’t want to have big pit stains plaguing us all day.

Well, that was me.

I used every single kind of deodorant.  I even tried the clinical grade stuff and sweated right through that.

Great, right?  Amazing.

So my temporary solution was to where sweat-proof colours in the winter and tank tops and sleeveless dresses all summer.  Hooray for creative solutions.

All the while, I was trying different brands like mad.

Once I learned about aluminium in antiperspirant and the possible link to cancer, I started trying natural brands without aluminum – deodorant proper, instead of antiperspirant.

I tried all natural deodorant from the farmers market, the “green” brands from the health food store.  I did actually find one that worked well.  It was Lush’s  ‘The Govern’r’.  But you know what?  It’s a grey powder.  And it turned my armpits and my shirtsleeves grey.  Fun.

So imagine my surprise when I try Miessence’s deodorant and it works.  Hallelujah.  I have dry armpits that aren’t stained grey from the charcoal powder in the Lush I was using.

So that, my natural, organic friends, is why I use Miessence deodorant.  It just works.  No aluminum, no parabens, and no sweaty armpits.

And I learned something super cool when talking with a science-trained friend about deodorant.  Something I didn’t know for the longest time.


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What Aluminum Does to Your Body & Why We Sweat Like Mad

Do you know why some of us sweat through our antiperspirants?

Because aluminum blocks the pores under yours arms.  That’s why it antiperspirant.  Because you don’t (so they claim) perspire, i.e. sweat.

But when our pores are blocked, and it’s hot outside or we’ve been exercising, we actually sweat more.  That’s because our bodies are meant to sweat and when they can’t, they figure something is up and they just try harder.  Super cool?  I thought so.  Our bodies are amazing.


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The Conclusion of My Miessence Deodorant Story

So the conclusion of this Miessence deodorant review story: our bodies are meant to sweat.  If you clog up your pores, it just confuses your circulatory system.  So throw out the antiperspirant.  And get rid of parabens and aluminum.  And if you want something that works, try out Miessence’s certified organic deodorant.  I promise you, you won’t be disappointed.



Read about the ingredients in Miessence deodorant and what they do.

Want certified organic, truly all natural deodorant that actually works?  Pick yours up here.



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