Miessence Product Reviews

Here are a handful of Miessence product reviews to give you an idea of the effectiveness and the versatility of my totally favourite brand of certified organic products....

certified organic skin care line included in Miessence product reviews

Miessence FAST 3 Day Detox & Weight Loss​ Product Reviews

I feel SO lean. And zero cravings for sugary junk. I like how you get zero food. Therefore you can't substitute that one sugary treat for lunch and call it done. There is literally zero reason to have to think about food. And honestly? I live my life waiting for my next meal. So this is truly a beautiful thing.

- Dana P., (down 7lbs in 3 days with FAST)​

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Miessence Skin Care​ Product Reviews

I could give you any number of testimonials. But today I am thinking of the effect the Rejuvenating line has had on my husband’s skin. About 12 years ago my husband stopped smoking after 20 years. He was in his mid-30s. Smoking for 20 years, on top of severe dry skin aged him beyond his years. You could see the damage from smoking on his face. A few years after he quit smoking, I joined Miessence. Since then he has been using the Rejuvenating range (mostly the Conditioner and Moisturizer, and sometimes the cleanser). Eight years later, at 46, not only has he not aged, his skin looks better than it did in his 30s.

- Danika​

The Purifying Range has made a huge difference to my skin as it is no longer as oily and my breakouts have reduced heaps. I love it!

- Tamara (age 14, acne/oily skin line)​

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Miessence Probiotic Household Cleaner Product Reviews

I spray Probiotic cleaner in stinky shoes, and it is fab for getting the stench of cat wee out of things, my cat was incontinent and peed on the sofa, usually you can't get the smell out , but this worked like a charm, also if you feet get smelly wearing trainers without socks, spray on the feet for a couple of mins and then wipe off.  It’s also the best thing for cleaning glass, spray leave for a few secs and you can actually see it eating the smears, quick wipe over with dry cloth, perfect shine every time!

- Alex

I also must say, the BioPure Household Cleaner is wonderful. It cleans mirrors, walls, floors, sinks, and does not leave streaks or residue. It smells great and the concentrate goes a very long ways. The spray bottle is so easy to handle! And with 3 cats and a dog I love dearly, I don't have to worry about their paws picking up toxic residue from cleaners I use on the floors. Again, I have tried other organic cleaners and this tops them all!

- Lynette

I use the probiotic household cleaner as a wound cleaner. I find that it speeds up the process, especially on the hands where cuts seem to take a long time to heal due to them being used all the time. I found this out by accident when I was washing the floors by hand with the product. I had a cut on my knuckle that just didn't seem to want to heal. After just a few short days, the redness and swelling had gone down, and I could literally see an improvement.

- Sarah

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