Organic Makeup MLM Companies

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Best Organic Makeup MLM Companies

If you're looking for the best organic makeup MLM companies, there are really only a few to choose from.

Why's that?

While organics is a growing niche, most makeup companies out there are not truly (or not even remotely) organic...yet.  (And most of the ones that are are not network marketing.)

The fact is that most people are still not aware of the importance of what they put on their skin.  Nor do they know about all the potential toxins in skin care.  

That's good news for you, though, if you're getting into the organic MLM niche: there is still a lot of room to grow.​

So let's talk about about the best organic makeup MLM companies....​

Organic Makeup MLM Company #1: Miessence Organics

As an organic makeup MLM company: 8/10​

Miessence Organics is hands down my favourite organic MLM company.  Why is that?

  • They source their ingredients fair trade.​
  • They are certified organic by the ACO and the USDA (two independent organisations with the highest standards for organics worldwide).
  • They are completely vegan with the exception of 6 cosmetics that have sustainably harvested beeswax in them.
  • There are absolutely no artificial preservatives, dyes, fragrances, etc.
  • Their makeup is non-cosmedogenic (i.e. won't make you break out).

The only reason that Miessence is NOT 10/10 is that the makeup line is limited to earth tones and they do not have a seriously dark concealer or foundation.  If you are okay with with browns, pinks, and beiges, however, and don't need your eyeshadow to come in a pallete (I use the blush and the bronzing powder as eyeshadow - mineral makeup is mineral makeup, right?) then I would totally recommend this brand.

Organic?  Completely.

Makeup? Amazing but a little bit limited.

Organic MLM Company #2: Essante Organics​ 

As an organic makeup MLM company: 2/10​

While Essante Organics seems to have some really good products, there is an issue of transparency: they do not list their ingredients on the website.  

There is also the fact that they only have 1 makeup product: some admittedly gorgeous lip gloss.​

Organic?  Not entirely.  ("Contains organic ingredients" but not everything is organic.)

Makeup? Nil.​

Makeup MLM Company #3: Aloette​ 

As an organic makeup MLM company: 4/10

While Aloette has gorgeous makeup, and markets itself as "natural", it is not organic and contains many synthetic chemicals.

So gorgeous makeup MLM?  Yes.

Organic? no.

Company #4 (Partly MLM, and Not Actually Organic): Neil's Yard Remedies

As an organic makeup MLM company: 2/10

While NYR has truly gorgeous products, it is not actually organic (and actually contains some synthetic chemicals that are suspected irritants and toxins, like cocamidopropyl betaine)​ and it is not entirely MLM.  (There is an MLM component in the U.S., but not in Canada.)

How to Succeed with an Organic Makeup MLM Company

Once you pick which organic makeup MLM company you're going to promote, you need to consider a few things if you want to succeed.

  1. Make sure that your upline is knowledgable, is active, and has resources available that will help you build your business.
  2. Talk with your potential sponsor and see if your goals are the same and if your marketing method is the same.  (I was once part of an MLM company where I wanted to promote online and using attraction marketing, and my sponsor was pushing me into traditional "talk to everyone you know" methods.  That was not a good fit.)
  3. Consider combining an online approach with an offline approach.  Learning how to build a blog, especially (social media is helpful, but it is a short term strategy), will give your business a TON of longevity.  Building a business online, however (unless you invest in paid advertising) will often take a long time to pay off.  Using some offline strategies, like running workshops and networking with other organic professionals, will give your business an immediate boost.

If you want to build an organic makeup MLM company, and you like the looks of Miessence (I'm biased because it's what I do - but it's what I do because it's a totally fabulous company), then get in touch with me and see if you're a good fit for our team.

I help people to build sustainable, organic MLM businesses and I focus on online marketing (blogging and videos, with some social media).  

My Miessence team mates all get their own personal blog-based websites built for them, and they get access to weekly trainings and meetings, and to a wealth of knowledge and training on how to build a business online and offline.​

What are you waiting for?  Get in touch and let's start building your dream business.​

Organic Makeup MLM Companies
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Organic Makeup MLM Companies
There aren't many organic makeup mlm companies out there. Here are some of the best, and how to succeed with one.


I am a Ph.D. candidate at McMaster University, a twin mommy, and a health and wellness entrepreneur. I am in the process of building a sustainable online business to support my family, and helping others to build sustainable businesses themselves. Find me on Google+.

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