March 10, 2017

Organic Skin Care Canada

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As a Canadian, it's not always easy to find organic skin care brands.

In fact, if you're looking for organic skin care in Canada, the vast majority of your choices are shipped in from elsewhere.  (See below for a list.  It's short.)

But before we talk about Canadian organic skin care brands, let's talk about organic skin care standards and the differences in different so-called "organic" products.

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Organic Skin Care Standards​

Did you know that not all organic skin care brands are created equal?

In fact, in order to be labelled "organic", or "made with organic ingredients", a product only needs to have a few organic ingredients in it.  The rest can be synthetic chemicals and fillers that are potentially harmful to your health.

Yuck!  Right?

different standards for organic skin care canada

I've seen quite a few brands that are marketed as natural or even organic that contain things like cocamidopropyl betaine (potentially contaminated with nitrosamines, which have been linked to cancer), and PEG-compounds (potentially contaminated with 1,4-dioxane, an ingredients that is banned in Canadian skin care products, because of it's link to cancer, but unregulated as a a contaminant).

So when it comes to getting organic skin care in Canada, you need to know what it is you're looking for.  Looking for the words "natural" or even "organic" isn't enough.​

A pro tip: look for USDA certification or ACO certification.  These are 2 of the independent certifying bodies that have the highest standards for organics worldwide.

You can also learn some simple label-reading tips.  Any product containing these chemicals is potentially hazardous to your health...

  • cocamidopropyl betaine​
  • anything ending in -eth (like sodium laureth sulfate)
  • parabens (methylparaben, ethylparaben, etc.)
  • PEG compounds (look for the letters "PEG")
  • "fragrance" or "parfum"
  • retinol or retinyl palmitate (a light sensitive ingredient that can cause cancer and accelerate tumor growth)

​Organic Skin Care Canada

I switched to a certified organic skin care brand about 2 years ago, and now I use NOTHING else on myself and my family.  

Well, I do engage in some DIY.  You know, making coffee & mint sugar scrubs and actually natural bath bombs, as a little bit of indulgence.

But the products in our house are either made by me (and then I completely control the ingredients) or certified organic.​

A few of the organic (or purportedly organic) skin care companies in Canada:

  • Eminence: totally awesome.  Only available in spas.  A great brand.
  • Green Cream: don't buy this.  The active ingredient is retinol which can cause cancer and accelerate tumor growth.​
  • Graydon Skin Care: actually natural but not organic.
  • Fable Naturals: actually natural but not organic ("made with organic ingredients" = a few things are organic, most are not).
  • Scentuals: actually natural but not organic (same as Fable Naturals above)

Why Use Truly Organic Products?

  • certified organic products that meet the criteria of bodies like the ACO and USDA are really and truly cruelty free (some "cruelty free" brands that are not organic contain ingredients that were tested on animals, even if the finished product was not);
  • supports sustainable farming practices;
  • non-GMO;
  • guaranteed not to have any synthetic chemical nasties (again, the ACO and USDA certified brands).

​Organic Skin Care Canada

So the Canadian organic skin care options are actually pretty slim.  Eminence is a great brand that is actually organic and made in Canada.  But beyond that....

The brand that we use (and LOVE), while not made in Canada, is one of the highest quality organic brands out there.

  • certified organic by the ACO and the USDA;​
  • ingredients sourced fair-trade;
  • carbon negative company (that means that they remove more carbon dioxide from the atmosphere than they put in);
  • certified food grade organic (i.e. so safe you can eat it);
  • has Canadian representatives who can throw organic facial parties.

And what else is super cool about Miessence (the brand that we use) is that you can order online, have it shipped right to your door, earn free products and get bulk discounts, and - if you're so inclined - build your own organic skin care business.

I'm heading up a Miessence team in Canada and teaching them how to build an organic skin care business WITHOUT bugging family and friends (the traditional network marketing approach).  So that means that I get my certified organic skin care products for free and I get to work from home with my kiddos.

Want to try out some certified organic goodies at an amazing discount?​  Contact me to get an EXTRA 5% off plus a 10-40% off bulk discount.

Want to learn how to build a certified organic skin care business online?​  Contact me and ask how I build my business. (Hint: I can teach you how to do the same.)


I am a Ph.D. candidate at McMaster University, a twin mommy, and a health and wellness entrepreneur. I am in the process of building a sustainable online business to support my family, and helping others to build sustainable businesses themselves. Find me on Google+.

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