Usana Essentials Review

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​If you are looking for a Usana Essentials Review, then I bet you're looking into starting a health and wellness business from home.

Getting into the health and wellness niche and the home based business industry is an amazing choice for creating time and financial freedom.  

However, you want to make sure that you select, 1. a company that is the right fit for you, and 2. an upline who can help you build both offline and online.​

Take a look at this Usana Essentials Review to get a bit more information about Usana as a company and Usana's products, and then ask yourself, Is this the right fit for me?​

Usana Essentials Review

Usana is a nutritional supplement and health care MLM company, founded by Dr. Myron Wentz in 1992.

They specialize in nutritional supplements, with their trademark being the Usana Essentials vitamin packs.  They also have a line of personal care products that claim to be "natural".

Usana Essentials Product Review

​1. Usana Essentials Vitamins & Nutritional Supplements

Usana makes a fairly wide range of nutritional supplements including protein powders (soy, whey, and pea protein options), antioxidants, chelated mienrals, greens, probiotics, and more.

​While it is better to get your nutrition straight from food rather than synthetic vitamins, otherwise Usana's Essentials line and their other nutritional products are all above board.

If you're marketing to a health and wellness crowd and you want to focus on supplements, then you're got a WIDE range of products to choose from.​

​2. Usana Skin Care & Personal Care Products

Usana skin care and personal care products are anything but natural.  They are mostly composed of synthetic chemicals and contain known and possible toxins like PEG compounds, SLES, dimethicone, and others.

The conclusion: As a nutritional supplements company, Usana is a great option.  With respect to their skin care & personal care: find something cleaner and safer!​

Usana Essentials Business Review

To qualify to earn commissions (commission for Usana is 20%), a Usana rep must pay an initial fee of roughly $30 USD and then purchase over $300 in products.​

If you're going to be spending a ton of money on vitamins, protein powders, and nutritional supplements, and if you are REALLY motivated to build a business based on nutrition and vitamins, then​ this could be your company.

I would caution against using the personal care products and basing your business on those, as they contain many ingredients that have been identified by the U.S. EPA and other independent studies to be possible or known toxins.  (Go HERE to read more about toxins in skin care.)​

Want to build a health and wellness business that is 100% all natural and certified organic?​  

I​ switched from a different skin care MLM company over a year ago to Miessence after I started investigating natural and organic products.

I use and recommend Miessence because they are CERTIFIED organic by the USDA and the ACO (that means no synthetic chemicals whatsoever) and their products actually work super well.​

We use their skin care and personal care products, their nutritional supplements (protein, probiotics, antioxidants, greens, and fulvic acids), and their home cleaning products.

I also specialize in both online and offline marketing and teach my team to build all natural health and wellness businesses through hosting workshops and building a blog and a social media presence online.

Interested in building your own certified organic health and wellness company from home?  Get in touch and see if our team can help you build your dream life.


I am a Ph.D. candidate at McMaster University, a twin mommy, and a health and wellness entrepreneur. I am in the process of building a sustainable online business to support my family, and helping others to build sustainable businesses themselves. Find me on Google+.

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