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Are you passionate about helping keep our planet beautiful and clean?

Do you want to use only the best, purest, and non-toxic ingredients on yourself and your family?

Here are some startling facts about the effect we currently have on the planet and ourselves....

  • We create the EXTINCTION of 50-100 SPECIES every single day!
  • Every 3 seconds a human being dies of STARVATION (not of disease, but STARVATION) 1…2…3…
  • In one single year the amount of OIL we use took our planet 3-4 Million years to create.
  • At the current rate of over-fishing there will be NO FISH LEFT in the sea in 40 years!
  • Approximately 2.5 million tonnes of 100,000 chemicals are used and released into the environment globally each year. The World Health Organisation reports that roughly three million pesticide poisonings occur annually and result in 220,000 DEATHS worldwide.
  • 1/3 of all products on the market contain one or more ingredients classified as possible human carcinogens (they may cause cancer).
  • Nearly 70% of all products on the market contain ingredients that can be contaminated with impurities linked to cancer.
  • Babies are born with 200 industrial chemicals in their bodies before they even ENTER THE WORLD!
  • The current statistics are that 50% of men and 33% of women will get cancer before they turn 80!
  • 90% of most skin cosmetics HAVE NOT BEEN TESTED to see if they are safe!!
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Why Miessence?

Miessence encourages sustainable entrepreneurship around the world through their independent representative network.

Providing business opportunities with a low start up cost enables thousands of people from around the world to improve the quality of life for themselves and their families and do so in a way that is healthy and environmentally responsible.

Miessence organics

All of Miessence's products are all natural and certified organic.

Not only that, but they are never tested on animals and Miessence sources all of their ingredients from farmers and indigenous communities in developing countries through fair trade practices.

Miessence also participates in the B1G1 program that helps to fund various projects worldwide such as: generating incomes for those in poverty, providing nutrition for people in starving and health deficient communities, and generating local work on environmental projects in struggling communities.

If you've ever considered running your own business and have a passion for sustainable, certified organic products, then this might be the opportunity for you.

I am looking to work with FOUR motivated and passionate people this year and help them succeed in building a beautiful, sustainable business that helps the environment, generates income for those in poverty around the world, and generates financial and time freedom for themselves.

Contact me to learn how to build your own thriving, sustainable business.