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Hello and welcome to Live Simple, Live Organic.  My name is Rebecca and I am a sustainable business and wellness coach, and the creator of  

My goal on this website is to help you live a cleanier, healthier, and happier life.​  You'll find product reviews, as well as detox and general wellness tips.  And the occasional vegan or green smoothie recipe.

My Story

I've always had an interest in sustainability and health and wellness.  I started my university education in environmental studies.  I switched out, into another discipline, partway through, but the interest in how we are impacting the planet (our home) stuck with me.

About 3 years ago I joined a network marketing company - a different one from the one I am with now.  That marked my first real foray into the world of entrepreneurship and working for myself.  In the course of my first year, I decided that the company I had joined was not the right fit for me, and the traditional marketing method of burning through your 100 person list was definitely not something that I wanted to do forever.  So near the year mark I switched companies and I switched marketing methods.

I am now a representative with a company called Miessence, a certified organic skin care (among other things) company.  And I specialize in attraction marketing: doing research, solving problems, and driving traffic to valuable content.  Building up this skill set has allowed me to branch into other entrepreneurial ventures, including working as a personal business trainer and (coming soon!) creating and selling my own content marketing products.

This website, Live Simple Live Organic, is an example of content marketing in the health and wellness niche (specially, the organics niche).  Here you'll find a ton of blog posts and useful resources both on detoxifying your life and on turning your passion for holistic health into a profitable busienss.

Today, my family and I (I have 3 year old twins and a husband to keep clean and healthy) only use certified organic and all natural products.

Since we made the switch, I have noticed that my skin (oily and acne prone) has cleared up, I get less breakouts, my hair is healthier, and one little twinsie (the one who has sensitive skin) no longer breaks out in eczema and a rash after bathtime.  (Boo for synthetic chemicals!)

We've also switched all our household cleaning products.  (I no longer have to worry about my kids or my cats swallowing the detergent or the floor cleaning and having to call poison control.  How crazy is that?!)  

And we use Miessence's line of superfood supplements.  Which means that I can easily get lean protein (no sugar added, raw, vegan powder powder: Yes!) and tons of greens (chlorella and spirulina and other good things) into my picky 3 year olds.

So that, dear reader, is my story.  That is why I do what I do, and that is what Live Simple Live Organic is all about.  I hope you find some amazing resources here, and if you want to switch your own products to certified organic (and maybe earn an income while doing so), just follow this link.  Or contact me and I can help you determine what exactly your skin, your home, and your business needs.

The Toxic Stuff We Use Everyday

How many chemicals do you think the average woman puts on her body every day?

Estimates range from 168 to 515 different synthetic chemicals.

I'm not talking about the basic building blocks of life, like water (H₂O).  I'm talking about sodium laureth sylfate, coamidopropyl betaine, and other synthetic chemicals that have been linked to things like allergies, skin sensitivities, and even cancer and chronic illnesses.

common chemicals in skin care products

What You'll Find Here​

Take a browse around the blog.

Inside you'll find...

  • ​health and wellness tips
  • simple vegan recipes
  • ways to get rid of toxins in your everyday products
  • DIY natural cleaning recipes
  • natural and not-so-natural product reviews
  • discounts and free samples for certified organic products
  • blogging tips
  • network marketing strategies (swipe these, they work)

Want to learn how to run your own sustainable and profitable organics business online?

Just head over to “contact me” and we’ll discuss your skill set, your interests, and your goals.

I run an organic skin care home business from my laptop (using attraction marketing, not cold calling – thank you, internet!) and I teach others to do the same.

Seriously. I ♥ organic products + attraction marketing.